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Healthy Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity: The Important Difference

We’ve all heard of (or know) a “negative Nancy”. It’s that person that always has a complaint, is pointing out the downside of a situation, and just seems to want to spread their pessimistic view of the world. But what about the flip side? Someone who is always smiling, has a pep in their step, […]

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Self Love, Self-Care

4 Steps to Turning Negative Self-Talk into Something Positive

Most of us are guilty of being to hard on ourselves at one point or another. Unfortunately, negative self-talk is more often a habit than just an occasional occurrence, especially in the world of social media where your every move is up for scrutiny. Ridding yourself of those negative thoughts, or at least choosing not […]

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Boudoir Photography in Boston MA

Self Acceptance, self esteem

Self-Acceptance for Beginners

Learning to be okay with who you are and eventually coming to love that person is anything but easy. Too many people look at self-acceptance as a finite destination, rather than an ongoing process of peaks and valleys. While there are no shortcuts on the road to self-love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any guideposts […]

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