Boudoir Dos and Don’ts

Boudoir photo shoot

A boudoir photoshoot provides an experience like no other. It allows you to be vulnerable while feeling confident and comfortable in your skin. There are a lot of myths about boudoir photography, causing many people to feel hesitant or nervous about trying it. But taking the plunge and booking a session for yourself is a great form of self-care and allows you to open your eyes and find the beauty within. 

Whether you are preparing for your first boudoir photoshoot or your tenth, here are a few important dos and don’ts to follow to ensure a successful and memorable experience!

Don’t Get a Facial Right Before

Many people make the mistake of over-pampering themselves before a shoot, trying to ensure they look their absolute best. While it’s good to ensure your nails, skin, and hair look nice, getting any intense treatments like a facial could break you out right before your shoot.

Spray tans are also not encouraged before your photo shoot, as you risk the application coming out blotchy or staining the photographer’s furniture.

 There’s no need to go overboard with the beauty treatments before a boudoir session. You get more out of the experience when embracing your natural self!

Do Get Plenty of Sleep and Stay Hydrated

Your skin will glow in front of the camera if you’re well-rested and hydrated. Take special care of yourself in the days leading up to the shoot, and try to avoid drinking alcohol the night before as you want to ensure you are feeling your absolute best mentally and physically for your session.

Don’t Worry about Posing

If you have never stepped in front of the camera, it’s natural to be nervous. It’s the photographer’s job to make you feel comfortable and give you tips and pointers on how to pose, so you don’t need to be worried or feel like you must come prepared with all your poses ready to go. Once you relax and immerse yourself in the process, everything will come naturally.

Do Bring Any Accessories You Want to Use

If you have any specific jewelry, props, hair accessories, etc., that you want to be included in the photoshoot, feel free to bring them! The more you personalize the experience, the more authentic the pictures turn out, showing off your true personality and inner beauty.

Now that you’re prepared to have the boudoir photo shoot of your dreams, it’s time to book an appointment at The Pouting Room! Our boudoir photos will give you the confidence boost you need and make special gifts for your partner or yourself. 

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