3 Ways to Find Beauty in Yourself

Beautiful smiling young caucasian woman with long hair standing near mirror, holding powder palette and brush, doing makeup and looking at reflection in bathroom at home.

In a world where the standards for what a woman should look and dress like change every few years, down to the size of her bust to the length of her skirt, it’s no surprise that many of us feel less than or not good enough in terms of society’s beauty standards. This leaves women feeling pressured to conform to the latest and hottest body type trend. Some even undergo life-altering surgeries to change their appearance, only to discover a few years later that their new body is no longer “in style.”

Beauty is relative. What one person finds attractive, another might not. Our goal should never be to change ourselves according to what others define as beautiful, but what WE feel is beautiful because if WE feel beautiful, we have nothing to change or alter in ourselves. 

Here are three ways to find the beauty in yourself that already exists!

1) Speak to Yourself How You Speak to Your Loved Ones

You would never look at a picture of your sister or best friend and tell them they could use a nose job or they could afford to lose a few pounds. So why say such critical things to yourself?

We are too judgmental of ourselves because we play the comparison game. How you speak to and about yourself matters; the more positivity you speak, the easier it is to find beauty within.

2) Stop Trying to Make Everyone Like You  

Not everyone will like you or find you attractive, and that is normal! You want people in your life who are naturally drawn to you and your energy, from lovers to friends. You need people who love you for you and don’t want you to change your body or who you are in any capacity.

If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong. You only hurt yourself if you dress or change who you are or what you look like for others.

3) Do Things That Make You Feel Beautiful

Take the time out of your busy schedule to do the things that make you feel your best, whether that’s getting your hair done, taking a dance class, getting a manicure, or simply doing your everyday makeup routine! Those small acts can truly help you see your beauty more clearly and lift your spirits when you feel down about yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with changing things about your body if you know it will make you feel more confident and it’s something you have always wanted, like a new piercing or some lip filler, but if you are changing something about your appearance for fear of not being liked or rejected by society, that is where the problem lies.

Always ask yourself: Am I doing this for me or for others?

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