Healthy Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity: The Important Difference

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We’ve all heard of (or know) a “negative Nancy”. It’s that person that always has a complaint, is pointing out the downside of a situation, and just seems to want to spread their pessimistic view of the world.

But what about the flip side? Someone who is always smiling, has a pep in their step, and responds to problems of the world, others, and their own with positive aphorisms and an unyielding “look on the bright side” attitude. They exist too—and the toxic positivity they practice can do more damage than you might think.

What is healthy positivity?

The goal of positivity in its healthy, genuine form is to use positive thinking strategies and build positive habits to cope with negative thoughts, emotions, and situations. Healthy positivity does not dismiss those negative aspects of life, but allows them to have their space without also allowing them to take control of your mind and actions.

When you’re positive in a healthy way, you acknowledge and process, rather than push through negativity and pain to move past it.

What is toxic positivity?

Toxic positivity is a type of aggressive positivity that usually ends up making you feel worse, not better. Some positivity junkies feel as though they need to think positively and project positivity onto others 100% of the time. This type of thinking can be suffocating, treating positivity as a sort of cure-all that enables you to “power through” negative thoughts and emotions like a bulldozer.

Toxic positivity can be invalidating—suggesting that negative emotions are a result of your failure to be positive enough—and make you feel guilty when you’re unable to be wholly positive.

How can I practice healthy positivity?

The key to being positive in a healthy way is to have compassion and empathy for yourself and others in your efforts to be positive. Understand that negative feelings are a normal part of life that you should not ignore or repress. Rather, you should allow yourself to feel negative emotions and develop habits and strategies that slowly train your brain to turn negativity into positivity.

Another aspect of practicing healthy positivity is to try to distinguish between negativity you can and cannot control. The goal is to respond to negativity with your positive strategies, instead of using positivity to control and eradicate negativity.

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