3 Ideas (Besides Chocolate & Flowers) for Expressing Your Love This Valentine’s Day

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When it comes to feelings about Valentine’s Day, everybody falls somewhere different on the spectrum. It seems like you either love to celebrate it, hate it and are convinced it’s a greeting card company scam, or you simply don’t care about it at all.

For those who see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show their partner, family, friends, or even themselves how much they’re valued, finding a gift that sends the right message can be a challenge. If you’re trying to figure out a deeper, more meaningful gift or gesture to express your love this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to use for inspiration!

1) Do something to make their day easier.

Easing a bit of your loved one’s daily burden is a great way to show them they’re loved and appreciated. Try taking on a responsibility they’re usually stuck with—like doing the laundry for your mom. Or, tackle a small problem that makes their day more difficult—like changing the lightbulb in the entryway that burnt out two months ago, so your partner can see while they’re getting ready in the morning.

2) Try something they love.

Instead of jewelry or flowers, give your loved one the gift of your time and undivided attention. Offer to try one of their passions with them that you usually wouldn’t, such as playing a video game or skiing at the nearby bunny hill. If you’re spending the night in, let them pick any movie (even one you would usually veto) and a new takeout place. Showing them their interests are important to you is another way to “I love you”.

3) Write them a gratitude list.

There are probably a lot of little things you partner, friend, or family member does all the time that are so routine, you don’t take the time to regularly thank them for it. Make a list of all those little things—emptying the dish washer, taking the dog out on early Saturday mornings, putting air in your tires—and tell them how much you appreciate them. Listing out these acts of kindness will tell your loved one that you notice their effort and that you’re grateful.

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