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4 Myths About Self-Care You Should Never Believe

The movement for self-care in our society has gained a lot of momentum over the last few years. While it’s great that more people are recognizing the importance of making time to do positive things for yourself, rising popularity has resulted in a lot of misconceptions about what self-care is and how it works. Having […]

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Boudoir Photographer in Boston, MA

Self Love, Self-Care

A Guide to Self-Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Working from home; social distancing; self-isolation; shuttered businesses; right now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this is our reality. It’s not ideal—and it can certainly be scary at times—but for now, it’s the best way to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. Being cooped up at home with minimal social contact can […]

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Importance of Self Care

Boudoir Photography Boston, Self Love, Self-Care

Why Millennials Love Self-Care

Move over, avocado toast. There’s a new millennial trend to take advantage of: self-care. According to NPR, millennials make more commitments to personal improvement than any previous generation, and they spend twice as much on wellness expenses—workouts, life coaching, therapy, etc.—as boomers do. Here’s why millennials love self-care: Experiences make us happier than things Why […]

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