Why Millennials Love Self-Care

Importance of Self CareMove over, avocado toast. There’s a new millennial trend to take advantage of: self-care. According to NPR, millennials make more commitments to personal improvement than any previous generation, and they spend twice as much on wellness expenses—workouts, life coaching, therapy, etc.—as boomers do.

Here’s why millennials love self-care:

Experiences make us happier than things

Why are so many millennials traveling the world and booking indulgent self-care experiences instead of purchasing the latest gadgets? Well, studies show that experiences actually make us happier, so go ahead and schedule that vacation.

Self-care is good for your mental health

Millennials are much more open than previous generations about mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and are more likely to seek self-care that makes them feel better. For 2018, 72 percent of millennial women made self-care and mental health part of their New Year’s resolutions.

Boost your confidence and self-esteem

Millennials know that when we take good care of ourselves, we feel better about ourselves—inside and out. Making time for that yoga class is an important way of showing yourself love and care.

Want to indulge in self-care? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Schedule an indulgent spa day.
  • Take yourself out to a luxurious lunch, complete with a glass of champagne or decadent dessert.
  • Run a bubble bath and have a soak with a favorite book.
  • Book a boudoir photo shoot at The Pouting Room to relax and celebrate your unique beauty. Give us a call at 508-603-1163 to book your shoot today!
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