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How to make every body feel included through boudoir photography

Being Inclusive, Body Positivity

How to Make EVERY Body Feel Included through Boudoir Photography

People with marginalized bodies rarely make it into the spotlight, and when they do, they are usually exploited to benefit the media’s twisted perception of them. When we see plus-sized bodies, it’s when they are a “before” photo. When we see Black bodies, they’re often highly oversexualized. When we see bodies with disabilities, it’s depicted […]

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Inclusive Boudoir Photographer in Marion, MA

Being Inclusive, Women Empowerment

The Pouting Room’s Pledge for Inclusivity: Completing The Boudoir University’s 7 Pillar Program

Oppression; prejudice; racism; bodily autonomy; these are all hot button topics we constantly see being debated in the news. But, to all of us, they are and should be so much more than that. These are real issues plaguing our society and pervading every industry. They affect every one of us, whether we realize it […]

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