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Bride posing topless with her hands covering her chest wearing her veil
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“It’s not just about the pictures, it’s about the experience.” Jamie didn’t realize this until she actually had her experience at my studio. In fact, she almost didn’t book a session, at all. She watched her friends indulge in the experience but never thought she would be able to do it herself. She worried she […]

Jamie’s Empowerment Boudoir Experience at The Pouting Room Massachusetts Studio

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A client testimonial "If Only I had known I was booking a gift for myself."
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A Gift For Yourself As a boudoir photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing the beauty and confidence of many clients through my lens. Some women do a session as a gift for their partner. Whether it be for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or just because. What many clients come to realize is that […]

If Only I had Known . . .

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Girl with white bra looking down with the word brave written on her chest
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The Decision Of Going Out Of My Comfort Zone I received an invite from a friend to join and follow The Pouting Room on Facebook. She showed me her personal boudoir photos that were done as a Brand Ambassador for 2020. Not only was I inspired from her photo’s and her story behind it, but […]

I didn’t let anxiety win – My Brand Ambassador Experience 

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This was extremely outside my comfort zone
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“A boudoir shoot has been something on my radar the past few years, but I never found the time, or courage, to move forward with it. This is extremely outside of my comfort zone so was a bit shocked that I even reached out to Stefanie, but from the moment I met her, I was […]

“This was extremely outside my comfort zone.”

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Older Woman Giving Flirty Pose for Boudoir Photographer
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Getting older should be a beautiful and enriching experience for everybody. Once you hit your 40s-50s, you’ve got plenty of life lessons under your belt, fun memories, and meaningful relationships to fuel your happiness. Unfortunately, society is not always kind to aging women. As always, women are scrutinized as they get older for their changing […]

3 Things Older Women Can Do to Feel Sexy

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Boudoir Photography in Marion, MA
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When you begin your self-love journey, one of the first things you learn is how the way you talk to yourself influences your mindset and confidence. Self-talk isn’t the only way language affects your self-perception though; the way you speak to others is just as important. Women in particular have a tendency to diminish themselves […]

3 Words and Phrases Every Woman Should Drop from Her Vocabulary

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Boudoir Photographer in Marion, MA
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Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can be scary. Nobody likes feeling self-conscious or unsure of themselves. But venturing outside of your comfort zone is important, because this is the only place where growth can truly happen. Doing a boudoir photoshoot is a fun and fulfilling way to step outside of what you know […]

4 Excuses Not to Try Boudoir That It’s Time to Retire

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Inclusive Boudoir Photographer in Marion, MA
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Oppression; prejudice; racism; bodily autonomy; these are all hot button topics we constantly see being debated in the news. But, to all of us, they are and should be so much more than that. These are real issues plaguing our society and pervading every industry. They affect every one of us, whether we realize it […]

The Pouting Room’s Pledge for Inclusivity: Completing The Boudoir University’s 7 Pillar Program

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Boudoir Photographer in Marion, MA
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There’s a certain image that comes to mind when you hear the term “boudoir”. Usually, it’s one of women clad in lingerie or completely nude, dolled up in glamorous hair and makeup, and draped seductively across the floor, bed, couch, etc. While this image is not necessarily inaccurate, it just barely scratches the surface of […]

How Boudoir Photography Is Actually Empowerment Photography

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Boudoir Photography in Boston, MA
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Postpartum life is a whirlwind. The exhaustion of caring for a baby doesn’t leave you with much time or energy to think about sex. But when things calm down and you do eventually get there, you may find it difficult to feel confident about your new body. Don’t get too discouraged though—with a little patience […]

3 Things New Mommas Can Do to Feel Sexy Again Postpartum

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