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How to make every body feel included through boudoir photography

Being Inclusive, Body Positivity

How to Make EVERY Body Feel Included through Boudoir Photography

People with marginalized bodies rarely make it into the spotlight, and when they do, they are usually exploited to benefit the media’s twisted perception of them. When we see plus-sized bodies, it’s when they are a “before” photo. When we see Black bodies, they’re often highly oversexualized. When we see bodies with disabilities, it’s depicted […]

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Body Positive Photography in Upton, MA

Being Inclusive, Body Positivity

How Body Positivity Helped Kill the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2019

It looks like the angels will be resting their wings this year after the cancellation of the legendary Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The annual event has been running since 1995, featuring lingerie-clad models and big-name performers promoting the brand on a lavish runway. In 2019, however, the company announced that they would not be holding […]

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Inclusive Boudoir Photographer in MA

Being Inclusive

What Can You Do to Be More Inclusive in Everyday Life?

In the current political and cultural atmosphere, there has been a lot of discussion about what it means to be inclusive. Definitions of inclusivity are going to be different from person to person and across societies. The key to being inclusive is to know and accept that people are different in how they identify themselves, […]

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