What Can You Do to Be More Inclusive in Everyday Life?

In the current political and cultural atmosphere, there has been a lot of discussion about what it means to be inclusive. Definitions of inclusivity are going to be different from person to person and across societies. The key to being inclusive is to know and accept that people are different in how they identify themselves, what their needs are, and how they live their lives.

You can embrace the idea of inclusivity by making people feel welcome in your environment through what you say, how you act, and the organizations you choose to support. Keep in mind these things you can do to practice kindness and encourage positivity, for yourself and others, each and every day!

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Check yourself for unconscious bias.

A lot of us don’t even recognize many of the instances in which we give in to stereotypes and make assumptions about the people around us. Unfortunately, much of society’s prejudice has been inculcated simply though time and habit.

Combat this tendency toward misconception by taking an extra minute to really think before you speak or act. Are you assuming your coffee date is rebellious or unintelligent when they walk in with a sleeve of tattoos? Did you pass on one of your employees for a promotion because of a physical disability you assumed would limit them? Stop and ask yourself these questions before you make a move.

Use inclusive language.

Be mindful when you communicate with anyone, in both verbal and nonverbal mediums. A lot of colloquialisms and common terms can be gendered or prejudiced without you even realizing it—think about how we casually address a group with “hey guys,” even if there are both men and women.

Make an effort to use language that encompasses all individuals and circumstances. For example, instead of asking a woman if she has a “boyfriend,” ask if she has a “partner” or “significant other.” Small changes in how we speak to one another can make big differences when it comes to making everyone feel included!

Speak up!

Incorporating diversity-conscious practices into your everyday life is an incredible step to take to embrace the concept of inclusivity! It’s equally as important though, to use your position and knowledge to raise awareness about issues of exclusion and help make a widespread difference.

Share articles and use your inclusive language on social media. When it comes up in conversation, make it a point to emphasize how passionately you feel about it. You can even engage in human rights protests or volunteer or donate to advocacy organizations!

Start with yourself.

At The Pouting Room, our philosophy is one of inclusivity and self-love for all individuals in spite of social standards. That’s why we think it’s important to first embrace yourself and what makes you unique and beautiful with a courageous, inspiring boudoir photo shoot!

Show the world it’s okay to be who you are and feel good about it—whatever that might mean to you. Give us a call or visit our website to book your session today!

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