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Why Saying “I Will be Happy When” is Holding You Back

What does it mean to be happy? Does happiness come from the number on the scale or the approval of others? Is happiness something we must chase down and catch, only to hold onto for a short while, until it slips through our fingers again? The “I’ll be Happy When” Syndrome When was the last […]

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How Embracing Vulnerability Will Make Your Life Better

Let’s face it; most of us don’t like to be vulnerable. Being real with other people about your weaknesses, struggles, challenges, and desires is not easy. Too often, we feel as though we need to put on a permanent front of strength and resilience. But nobody has it together all the time, and the more […]

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Rediscovering Me!

I sat here for a long time thinking about how I got here. A woman with little confidence, often using my sense of humor to cover my unhappiness with myself, to brand ambassador for an incredibly talented photographer. Life is funny. I always knew deep down that there was confidence in me but no idea […]

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Self Acceptance, self esteem

Self-Acceptance for Beginners

Learning to be okay with who you are and eventually coming to love that person is anything but easy. Too many people look at self-acceptance as a finite destination, rather than an ongoing process of peaks and valleys. While there are no shortcuts on the road to self-love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any guideposts […]

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