Why Saying “I Will be Happy When” is Holding You Back

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What does it mean to be happy? Does happiness come from the number on the scale or the approval of others? Is happiness something we must chase down and catch, only to hold onto for a short while, until it slips through our fingers again?

The “I’ll be Happy When” Syndrome

When was the last time you uttered the phrase, “I’ll be happy when I…”? Probably not too long ago. The principle behind the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome is the belief that you only attain happiness and joy “when” you do something specific, obtain something of value, or experience a particular life event, like getting married or making a certain amount of money.

We have been using this phrase our whole life.

“I’ll be happy when I pass the test.”

“I’ll be happy once I get a new job.”

“I’ll be happy when I lose ten pounds.”

We delay our joy and gratification based on a future outcome that hasn’t happened yet. Many of us fall into the trap of believing that outside sources control our happiness. It is hard to understand that happiness is a state of mind, and WE alone control it. We can turn it off and on with the power of our own thoughts. 

How Can We Cure the “I’ll be Happy When” Syndrome?

We are always chasing the next thing, the next set of circumstances, but never finding the happiness we seek; and each time only causes our fear and anxiety about the future to increase. To cure the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome, we must start seeing success as a lifestyle, not a destination, so we can finally be happy now, wherever we are in life.

Writing down a few reasons every day why you are happy and what you are grateful for is a good start to switching your mindset from a state of lacking to a state of fullness and positivity. If you are not happy right now in this current moment, you will never be happy no matter what you achieve or check off on your to-do list, and you will hold yourself back from a beautiful life.

When it comes to boudoir photography, there are common excuses women tell themselves as to why they can’t participate in a photoshoot right now. They suffer from the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome and tell themselves they will be happy and confident once they lose a certain amount of weight, clear up their acne or grow out their hair. At The Pouting Room, our goal is to make you feel beautiful and empowered in a safe, inclusive, and comfortable atmosphere. You come as you are, and that is enough. We can guarantee you will be feeling happy before the session and throughout the entire experience. 

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