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Saying Goodbye to Your Dream Body

The beginning of the new year can be daunting for many people. January is known for packed gyms and people shaking around their homemade salads at their work desks. There is enormous pressure to make new year’s resolutions, and many center around losing weight and getting healthy. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to […]

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3 Easy Steps You Can Take Toward Body Positivity

A woman’s relationship with her body is a complicated one. There are some women who radiant confidence and know they can rock any outfit, while others keep a long list of insecurities on repeat in their heads. Most of us are somewhere in between, constantly oscillating along the spectrum. You’re always going to have good […]

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How Body Positivity Helped Kill the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2019

It looks like the angels will be resting their wings this year after the cancellation of the legendary Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The annual event has been running since 1995, featuring lingerie-clad models and big-name performers promoting the brand on a lavish runway. In 2019, however, the company announced that they would not be holding […]

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Five Little Daily Habits for Practicing Self-Love

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Five Little Daily Habits for Practicing Self-Love

Finding resources to help you learn to love yourself and recognize your worth is pretty easy. There are plenty of books, TV shows, blogs, and accompanying products to help you transform the way you think about and see yourself—but sometimes the actual process can seem daunting and fruitless. You can’t expect to read a self-help […]

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Body Positivity: What Does It Really Mean?

Who says you have to be a size 2 or have perfectly toned abs to be beautiful, sexy and confident? A new way of thinking, body positivity, empowers us to accept and love ourselves as we are. You may have heard the term before, but what does body positivity really mean? If you’re “body positive,” […]

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