Body Positivity: What Does It Really Mean?

The meaning of body positivity Who says you have to be a size 2 or have perfectly toned abs to be beautiful, sexy and confident? A new way of thinking, body positivity, empowers us to accept and love ourselves as we are.

You may have heard the term before, but what does body positivity really mean?

If you’re “body positive,” it means that you care for and respect your body, appreciating what it does for you and listening to its needs. Instead of dieting, you listen to signals of hunger, fullness, need for exercise and need for rest.

Our bodies change over time – aging, motherhood, personal choices and a variety of other factors affect our appearance and ability. Body positivity means accepting and loving your body as it changes. It also means remembering that your worth is not dependent on your appearance. You are strong, curious, intelligent, kind and a whole spectrum of other qualities, regardless of your dress size.

Ultimately, body positivity will help you reject unhealthy and unrealistic ideas about beauty and worth, and accept yourself for who you are.

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