3 Easy Steps You Can Take Toward Body Positivity

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A woman’s relationship with her body is a complicated one. There are some women who radiant confidence and know they can rock any outfit, while others keep a long list of insecurities on repeat in their heads. Most of us are somewhere in between, constantly oscillating along the spectrum.

You’re always going to have good days and bad days, but fortunately, strides in the body positivity movement have made it easier to turn those good days into the majority. Start with these three simple things you can do to embrace your beauty inside and out!

1) Be wary of social media.

There are very few of us remaining who haven’t been shackled to the chains of social media. While it can be a positive way to make connections and keep up with friends, it’s important to remember that the content you consume has a big effect on how you view yourself and the world.

You don’t have to nix your social accounts altogether, just be more conscious of how much time you spend on them and who you’re following. Follow accounts and individuals who celebrate all bodies and promote self-love to surround yourself with good vibes!

2) Reframe your goals.

Shift the focus of your goals so you’re able to approach them positively and in a way that discourages self-criticism. For example, instead of tracking your calories every day, try something with more flexibility, like intuitive eating. Or instead of working toward a specific weight, challenge yourself to reach a new PR for your mile.

Paying attention to how you feel rather than how you look, or a number on a scale or clothing tag, is a good way to learn how to trust and respect your body.

3) Do nice things for yourself.

Stop doing what you feel like you’re supposed to do and engage in experiences that you actually enjoy! Focus on having fun, doing activities and making daily choices that make you feel good. Take a new dance class, wear fun makeup (or no makeup!), and dress in whatever way helps you feel confident.

Set aside a time to celebrate your body on a regular basis. Pamper yourself with a spa day or do something special and empowering—like a boudoir photoshoot!

A boudoir experience at The Pouting Room is about loving yourself and expressing your confidence both on and off the camera. Contact us today so we can take you one step closer to feeling the true power of body positivity!  

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