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My Experience as a Brand Ambassador

Applying to become a BA I was nervous about applying to become a Brand Ambassador in March. It had taken me until last minute to apply.  I spoke to my children and friends and family about this. I thought I don’t have a chance in hell but first things first, get out of your comfort zone […]

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Boudoir Photographer in Marion, MA

Boudoir Photography, Women Empowerment

How Boudoir Photography Is Actually Empowerment Photography

There’s a certain image that comes to mind when you hear the term “boudoir”. Usually, it’s one of women clad in lingerie or completely nude, dolled up in glamorous hair and makeup, and draped seductively across the floor, bed, couch, etc. While this image is not necessarily inaccurate, it just barely scratches the surface of […]

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The Pouting Room