My Experience as a Brand Ambassador

Applying to become a BA

I was nervous about applying to become a Brand Ambassador in March. It had taken me until last minute to apply.  I spoke to my children and friends and family about this. I thought I don’t have a chance in hell but first things first, get out of your comfort zone and just… Leap! 

So, I did it, headfirst And two feet in!

When I got the email and call saying Stefanie wanted me to meet with her and that I got it.  All of my feels started, I was scared, nervous, uncomfortable, self-conscious everything. OH SHIT, Moment hit.  So many feelings I didn’t even know where to begin. Then I took a breath, and I was happy, excited and ready for this journey of self-discovery and self-love.

The Photo Shoots

I had my first shoot with three complete strangers. We did an empowerment shoot and wrote words on our bodies. We were in our underwear, complete strangers, no hair, no makeup. Completely vulnerable to ourselves and each other. We laughed, we had a blast, we got to know each other after all of the initial uncomfortableness. We all became fast friends.

My first individual shoot was amazing. I walked in and showed Stefanie some of my outfits. Some were more conservative and some more revealing. I wanted to see where my comfort level was as we went. Stefanie said being a BA is about helping her promote her business but more so about empowerment and self-love And encouraging and lifting other women. She said if you were comfortable in a paper bag then wear that.  Well, I decided a paper bag wouldn’t fit me so I wore a trash bag and she was right. It was still sexy.

Confidence and beauty comes from within!

I then started to do the rest of my shoot and slowly ended up naked. Stefanie brought out confidence in me I didn’t ever know I had. I always had a very low self-esteem, but she made me feel like I could do anything.

We (the other BA and I) Had three other shoots together and we always had so much fun. Learning more and more about each other. Through talking, social media, supporting each other over the past few months.

Self Growth

Being a BA for me was not only about my self growth but also learning to love myself as I am. It has been more for me to help other women realize their self-worth, their beauty, their imperfectly perfect selves. Helping them realize that they are Not alone. We all have our downfalls and can all feel just not good enough. But we are!!! We don’t have to like ourselves all the time, but we do need to love ourselves and each other all the time.

We need to raise each other up and feel the feels we feel because the world is a large place, and someone can connect with whatever we are going through. We are beautiful and not ever alone!


The Pouting Room