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Body Positivity

Saying Goodbye to Your Dream Body

The beginning of the new year can be daunting for many people. January is known for packed gyms and people shaking around their homemade salads at their work desks. There is enormous pressure to make new year’s resolutions, and many center around losing weight and getting healthy. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to […]

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Women eating ice cream enjoying their summer vacation and feeling confident in their bodies

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Simple Ways to Feel Confident in Your Body This Summer

As the weather begins to warm up, we get excited about all the outdoor adventures and opportunities during the summer months. From days spent at the beach to outdoor patios for lunch, the long, hot days ahead are bound to be fun. With warmer weather comes fewer layers of clothes that protect us from the […]

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Rediscovering Me!

I sat here for a long time thinking about how I got here. A woman with little confidence, often using my sense of humor to cover my unhappiness with myself, to brand ambassador for an incredibly talented photographer. Life is funny. I always knew deep down that there was confidence in me but no idea […]

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Wearing nothing but confidence and a smile!

If you would have told me that 2020 would include me becoming a Boudoir ambassador, I would have called you crazy.  If you would have told me that 2020 would include me actually doing a Boudoir shoot, I would have said “Ha, Ha… not this chick”.  Well to all of you, those that I know and those […]

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Boudoir Photographer in Boston, MA

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3 Easy Steps You Can Take Toward Body Positivity

A woman’s relationship with her body is a complicated one. There are some women who radiant confidence and know they can rock any outfit, while others keep a long list of insecurities on repeat in their heads. Most of us are somewhere in between, constantly oscillating along the spectrum. You’re always going to have good […]

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Boudoir Photography in Boston, MA

Body Neutrality, Self Acceptance, Self Love

What is Body Neutrality?

The conversation around self-love has shifted and expanded considerably in recent years to be much more diverse and inclusive! The ongoing dialogue today includes many different perspectives and philosophies on how to best practice self-care and maintain a healthy mindset. One of the newer doctrines sweeping the blogosphere is body neutrality. Because we prioritize the […]

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