Simple Ways to Feel Confident in Your Body This Summer

Women eating ice cream enjoying their summer vacation and feeling confident in their bodies

As the weather begins to warm up, we get excited about all the outdoor adventures and opportunities during the summer months. From days spent at the beach to outdoor patios for lunch, the long, hot days ahead are bound to be fun.

With warmer weather comes fewer layers of clothes that protect us from the environment and strangers’ judgmental glances. Even though the summer is packed full of fun activities, it can be a triggering and difficult time for many people who struggle with body image and confidence.

Here are a few ways to start feeling more confident and comfortable in your body this summer!

Stop the Negative Self-Talk

Words hold immense power. When you constantly speak negatively to yourself, you subconsciously turn those words into your reality. If you say, “I am so clumsy, I trip over everything,” your brain starts to believe this to be true, and you will notice yourself tripping and falling even more than before. The same goes for negative body talk. If you say, “I’m too fat to wear those shorts,” you’re tricking your brain into believing that you can never wear shorts because of your weight.

Swap out that negative self-talk with positive words and thoughts instead. Maybe you can’t fit into those specific shorts your friend is wearing, but all you have to do is buy a larger size. You can wear shorts during the summer months; you just have to get a pair that fits you. When you have a more positive outlook on life, you will become a happier and more confident version of yourself. 

Wear What You Want

If you want to wear a tank top but you don’t feel like you have “the body” for it, wear it anyway. Life becomes a lot more fun when we start living the way we want right now. When you constantly base your decision on the opinions of others and how they will perceive you, you limit yourself to pure joy and happiness.

Forget the idea of the perfect “bikini body.” ANY BODY can wear a bikini in the summer; you simply put it on and walk onto the beach confidently. This is easier said than done since society has been feeding us an unattainable beauty standard for women forever. Still, the moment you start wearing what you want, the faster the false beauty standards start to crumble to the ground.

Focus on How You Feel

Truly experience each moment in your body. How did it feel to dip your toes in the ocean? How did it feel to eat your favorite ice cream you’ve been waiting for all year? Are you going to bed at night happy and exhausted from the adventures of the day?

Focus on how you feel this summer and not how you look. At the end of everything, the only thing that matters is what we did with the time we had, not our pants size. When you exist within your body and stay present in the moment, you will notice how incredible you are. 

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