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Two girls practicing taking photos of each other to prepare for a photo shoot

Confidence Booster

How to Feel Comfortable and Confident in Front of the Camera

Whether you have a scheduled photo shoot or a family gathering where lots of pictures are bound to be taken, it’s common for people to experience some camera shyness. This shyness is usually sourced from a lack of self-value and inner confidence. You might feel like you’re not worthy of the attention and prefer that […]

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Retro woman with a jar of money having an idea on how to spend money on herself.


4 Reasons to Spend Money on Yourself

From a young age, it has been instilled into our minds that saving money is always better than spending it. If you spend your hard-earned money on items just for yourself, you are told that you are wasteful and frivolous with your cash. Yes, it is important to save your money for rent, bills, and […]

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Boudoir Photography in Boston, MA

Self Love, Self-Care

4 Steps to Turning Negative Self-Talk into Something Positive

Most of us are guilty of being to hard on ourselves at one point or another. Unfortunately, negative self-talk is more often a habit than just an occasional occurrence, especially in the world of social media where your every move is up for scrutiny. Ridding yourself of those negative thoughts, or at least choosing not […]

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Shopping for Your Best Lingerie

If you’re not used to wearing lingerie or you’ve never shopped for it before, standing in front of a sea of lace, ruffles, straps, and patterns can feel intimidating. Don’t worry, we got you girl! The Pouting Room is here to offer tips and tricks that will help women find the best lingerie for them. […]

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