4 Reasons to Spend Money on Yourself

Retro woman with a jar of money having an idea on how to spend money on herself.

From a young age, it has been instilled into our minds that saving money is always better than spending it. If you spend your hard-earned money on items just for yourself, you are told that you are wasteful and frivolous with your cash. Yes, it is important to save your money for rent, bills, and basic necessitates, but spending money on yourself is NOT a waste. In fact, spending money on yourself is necessary to have a fulfilling life.

Here are four scenarios in which spending money on yourself is better than saving.

1) Investing in Quality Products That Matter to You

You may not think of a quality mattress, pair of shoes, luggage, or skincare product as an investment, but when something has the potential to improve other areas of your life, it’s often worth it to splurge. If you’re prone to bad skin and a pricier product works, buy it. If you sleep better on a memory foam mattress, don’t settle for anything else. Money is a utility that is meant to improve our lives. Investing in quality products that will make your daily life easier and more efficient is a great way to spend money on yourself.

2) Working on Your Health and Fitness

Your health is priceless. Whether it’s opting for a more expensive health insurance plan at work because the coverage is better, splurging on a gym membership, or picking organic produce at the grocery store, you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending money on your health journey.

3) Buy What You Have Been Saving For

If you’ve been deliberately saving for a down payment on a home, a big summer vacation, or a new car, it’s likely taken months or even years of discipline to get there. It may feel difficult to part ways with that savings, but money is best paired with intention and is meant to be spent.

4) Spend Money on Things That Boost Your Confidence

Whether it’s a haircut, new work clothes for the office, or a boudoir session, spend your money on things that boost your confidence levels. This will look different for everyone, but no matter what makes you feel good about yourself, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Spend your money on things that make YOU happy because your opinion is the only one that matters at the end of the day. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, a boudoir session is a worthwhile and confidence-building experience. It truly is an amazing way to put yourself first, make a memory that will last a lifetime, and leave with some empowering photos. 

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