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Bride posing topless with her hands covering her chest wearing her veil
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“It’s not just about the pictures, it’s about the experience.” Jamie didn’t realize this until she actually had her experience at my studio. In fact, she almost didn’t book a session, at all. She watched her friends indulge in the experience but never thought she would be able to do it herself. She worried she […]

Jamie’s Empowerment Boudoir Experience at The Pouting Room Massachusetts Studio

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woman in cape cod Bay at sunrise wearing a body suit and doing a hair flip for her MA Boudoir photosession
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There’s something undeniably magical about the early hours of the morning, when the world is bathed in the soft, golden light of the rising sun. It’s a time when the world is quiet, and nature awakens with a gentle grace. And it’s also the perfect time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment […]

Boost Your Confidence with Magical Sunrise Photo Sessions!

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A client testimonial "If Only I had known I was booking a gift for myself."
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A Gift For Yourself As a boudoir photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing the beauty and confidence of many clients through my lens. Some women do a session as a gift for their partner. Whether it be for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or just because. What many clients come to realize is that […]

If Only I had Known . . .

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Girl with white bra looking down with the word brave written on her chest
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The Decision Of Going Out Of My Comfort Zone I received an invite from a friend to join and follow The Pouting Room on Facebook. She showed me her personal boudoir photos that were done as a Brand Ambassador for 2020. Not only was I inspired from her photo’s and her story behind it, but […]

I didn’t let anxiety win – My Brand Ambassador Experience 

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It’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect Valentine’s gift for the woman in your life. This year skip the clichés—the red roses, the box of chocolates—and get her a gift she really wants. Here are some of the top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her: A carry-all tote Women on the go […]

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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Bralettes have been turning heads lately, and for good reason. Wondering what all of the fuss is about? The Pouting Room has broken down bralettes, highlighting the pros and the cons of these popular and super sexy bra-alternatives. Pro: Comfort is Key Bralettes are the comfortable version of your sexiest bra. Although it is possible […]

Getting On Board with Bralettes

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You’re in the fitting room with 15 different bras in front of you. You’re pulling straps, adjusting clasps, all while breaking a sweat. After eight different styles and constant defeat, you give up. Finding the right bra is difficult and many women struggle to find a bra that fits their body and their preferences. Between […]

Getting the Right Fit

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Dropping temperatures, severe weather, and food focused events can leave a lot of us women feeling worn in winter months. Don’t get us wrong, winter has some great benefits: sweater weather, cuddle sessions, and some savory sweets. However, it can be easy to fall into a February funk when you’re desperate for warmer weather and […]

Staying Sexy As Temperatures Drop

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If you’re not used to wearing lingerie or you’ve never shopped for it before, standing in front of a sea of lace, ruffles, straps, and patterns can feel intimidating. Don’t worry, we got you girl! The Pouting Room is here to offer tips and tricks that will help women find the best lingerie for them. […]

Shopping for Your Best Lingerie

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Boudoir photography is not about the lingerie. It’s about embracing your sexiness. Miss C did just that!

Steamy boudoir session for a snowy day!

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