If you’re not used to wearing lingerie or you’ve never shopped for it before, standing in front of a sea of lace, ruffles, straps, and patterns can feel intimidating. Don’t worry, we got you girl! The Pouting Room is here to offer tips and tricks that will help women find the best lingerie for them.

Owning a few good-quality pieces of lingerie is about making you feel confident in your own skin. Focus on finding lingerie that will allow you to feel both sexy and secure. Wearing lingerie shouldn’t be done to fulfill the media-fueled idea of “sexy” or to meet someone else’s expectations. When shopping for lingerie, you should be shopping for you.

Focus on Feeling Confident

The first time you head to the store to shop for lingerie, we suggest bringing a friend that you trust.  Often times, the women that are in the store to help you find the rigThe Pouting Roomht fit are extremely helpful, but a good friend will be honest with you about how you look and can probably get an idea of how you feel. Bring a friend who will help you feel confident and that you also trust to tell you the truth about the pieces you are trying on.

When you are first starting to try on lingerie, focus in on things that will help you feel comfortable. Choose colors that you love and look good in. Choose things are fairly sweet and simple. If this is your first foray into lingerie, it’s okay to star out simple. Many places offer see-through nighties or simple bra and panty sets that will help you get a sense of your preferred style. However, if you’re feeling it, try on whatever appeals to you. (We are all about going for it!)

Use the employees to your advantage and don’t hesitate to tell them exactly what you are looking for, what you think you’ll like, and what you don’t feel comfortable in. Tell them if you want something simple, something sexy, something daring, or something fun. They are professionals and they are there to help you find exactly what you want. It might feel uncomfortable at first but they are there to help you shop for something you’ll love, let them!

Dare To Be Different

The Pouting RoomIf you typically wear undergarments that are relatively simple, such as nude panties or nude bras, consider just switching things up. Get a bright or cold bra and panty set instead.

If you are someone that doesn’t normally dip in to the world of lace or bows, consider something that goes a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Lingerie comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and cuts: try a little bit of everything in order to learn what you like the most.

Purchasing lingerie should be fun. Don’t be afraid to be daring. If you usually shop for your sweet and flirty side, shop for your sassier side. You might try on several different types of lingerie before you even feel comfortable being in it, and that’s normal.

It is important to give lingerie a chance; it’s all about finding the right one. Buying lingerie for yourself is supposed to be fun, and sampling different types will help make it fun.

Embrace Your Shape

We think all shapes and sizes are gorgeous no matter what, but we also understand that you want to shop for the best lingerie for your individual body type. Feeling confident in your lingerie is heavily dependent on purchasing the right style and cut of lingerie for you. One size does not fit all when it comes to lingerie, because all women are unique to themselves and that matters.

For Apple Shaped Women: If your waist is your widest measurement, focus on shopping for lingerie that has long, slim lines. Consider shopping for a bodysuits with a sexy deep V-neck. The one-piece option will highlight your cleavage and will show off plenty of skin.

For Slender Ladies: Take advantage of your décolletage and your slim arms, and show them off with some high-necked pieces. You can also consider two-piece options thaThe Pouting Roomt provide all kinds of interesting cuts using straps. Don’t stick to the basics if you don’t need to!

For Bustier Women: Although large breasts often feel inconvenient when shopping for shirts, they are a great advantage when shopping for lingerie. There are plenty of underwire options that will make you feel sexy and supported. Show off your gorgeous breasts with low-cut tops and suits. A demi cup, which is a lower cut cup, will flatter your curves.

For Petite Ladies: Many petite women often have a short torso, which is why we suggest shopping for a low-rise panty. The low cut of the panty will allow you to feel elongated and give your shape more height. Plus, they allow you show of your cheeks.

For Small Chests: A racerback piece will be your best friend. They are extremely flattering, comfy, (always important) and will allow you to feel oh-so-sexy. There are tons of different racerback styles to choose from. Bonus: You can wear them under your dinner dress.

Let Yourself Go

If you’ve never shopped for lingerie before, it might feel a little bit strange. You might go into a store or two, find what options aren’t working for you, and decide lingerie isn’t for you.

However, we encourage you to commit. Embrace the process of shopping “sexy” and let yourself go a little. It might be uncomfortable at first, but as you find what works for you, you’ll feel empowered, strong, and sexy. (All of which are great feelings to have!)  A few days and nights spent in some sexy new lingerie can help you feel brand new, and you deserve to feel that way.

After you find the type of lingerie that works for you, The Pouting Room would love to take some sexy photos of you. Whether you want to share them with a special someone or keep them as a reminder of how beautiful you are, we encourage you to go for it.

You’ve shopped for lingerie, might as well show it off. Contact us today to schedule a session.

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