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Self Love, Women Empowerment

3 Words and Phrases Every Woman Should Drop from Her Vocabulary

When you begin your self-love journey, one of the first things you learn is how the way you talk to yourself influences your mindset and confidence. Self-talk isn’t the only way language affects your self-perception though; the way you speak to others is just as important. Women in particular have a tendency to diminish themselves […]

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Self Love

How To Make Your Self-Love Goals Stick

Setting a goal is easy. All you have to do is tell yourself or someone else that you’re going to do something. You don’t even have to say it out loud—if you want to set a goal to become a famous ballet dancer, all you have to do is decide it in your mind! The […]

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Body Positivity, self esteem, Self Love

3 Easy Steps You Can Take Toward Body Positivity

A woman’s relationship with her body is a complicated one. There are some women who radiant confidence and know they can rock any outfit, while others keep a long list of insecurities on repeat in their heads. Most of us are somewhere in between, constantly oscillating along the spectrum. You’re always going to have good […]

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Self Acceptance, self esteem

Self-Acceptance for Beginners

Learning to be okay with who you are and eventually coming to love that person is anything but easy. Too many people look at self-acceptance as a finite destination, rather than an ongoing process of peaks and valleys. While there are no shortcuts on the road to self-love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any guideposts […]

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