3 Words and Phrases Every Woman Should Drop from Her Vocabulary

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When you begin your self-love journey, one of the first things you learn is how the way you talk to yourself influences your mindset and confidence. Self-talk isn’t the only way language affects your self-perception though; the way you speak to others is just as important. Women in particular have a tendency to diminish themselves in the words and phrases they choose without even realizing it.

Well, your job is not to make yourself small for the sake of anyone else. You should be embracing and asserting your strength every day, in every word you say. Start by removing the following words and phrases from your vocabulary that undermine your power!

1) “I’m sorry”

It’s okay to apologize when you make a mistake (and you should). But women too often say they’re sorry when they haven’t done anything wrong or for things that aren’t their fault. How many times have you apologized just for speaking up? When you do this, you belittle yourself. Before you dole out an “I’m sorry,” think about if you really did something worth apologizing for.

2) “Just”

“I just wanted to mention”; “I was just wondering”; “I just think maybe”; when you modify your statements with the word “just,” you are undermining your own power and authority, as well as the power and authority of what you’re about to say. Take out the “just” and be assertive when you speak to others. You’ll feel more confident in yourself and others will take you more seriously.

3) “I’m not sure but…”

Beginning your sentences with phrases like “I’m not sure but…” or “I’m no expert but…” makes you feel and sound insecure. With these types of qualifiers, you’re diminishing your credibility before you even say anything. People typically use such phrases as a defense mechanism, thinking that if they can jump in and invalidate themselves first, no one else will be able to. But it’s important to trust yourself and believe that what you say has value.

The process of building your confidence is a combination of small changes, like the words you choose, and bigger acts of self-love that celebrate you as you are. During a boudoir session at The Pouting Room, we’ll provide you with an experience that brings out your strength, beauty, and power. Then, you’ll walk away with stunning images to remind you of that feeling for a lifetime.

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