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ey girl, I've got something important to tell you, and I want you to really hear it:  you have every right to take up space in this world.     You know, society loves to throw these crazy beauty standards at us, telling us how we should look, act, and feel about ourselves.  We are constantly bombarded with filtered images on Instagram, which can make us feel less than.

But guess what? You are way more than that. Your worth isn't measured by some checklist or what others think. It's about you – your quirks, your flaws, your journey. That's what makes you, well, 


My boudoir clients are everyday women, just like you.   Falling prey to the comparison trap.  Thinking they don't measure up. Afraid of getting out of their comfort zone. Questioning their self-worth.  Longing to feel valued and confident in their skin.

I want you to remember this: you're beautiful just the way you are. And you know what else? Your journey, your story – it's uniquely yours, and that's something to celebrate.

As the premier Southcoast MA Boudoir photographer, let me help show you just how beautiful, worthy and bad-ass you are!
You deserve to be 


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Your Boudoir session includes

Professional hair and makeup including lashes

Professional posing & Expression guidance

Professional editing & retouching

In studio reveal to pick out your favorite images

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"I never thought I could feel so beautiful, thank you for helping me believe it!"

- Jennifer D.
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It's never too early to book your boudoir session! Most clients book 3-6 months in advance! This allows many to take advantage of our interest free, pre-session payment plans.  

Are you excited? A tad nervous? I will be here with you every step of the way.  This boudoir experience is different for everyone.  I want to know your "why".  The best way is to get on a quick phone call to chat & answer all the things!  

What do I bring? Will you show me how to pose? Will my pictures be private?
Is it normal to be nervous? 
We will schedule a planning meeting to talk about your expectations, intentions and desires in advance.  You'll also receive a prep, a wardrobe, and hair & makeup guides.


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These are everyday women, like you & me, who once wondered if they could look like the women they saw in my portfolio.  They believed in themselves and are here to inspire you to do the same.  


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I know there's so many questions when you're thinking about a boudoir session. Let's help you book with confidence.

Love notes from our  Boudoir Babes


This was my second experience working with Stefanie. I loved both experiences for different reasons. All of the information, the hair and makeup, the album, the artwork, and the finished product are all superb, and Stefanie made me feel welcome and comfortable.

The most notable difference between my first experience and the second was the amount of stuff I didn't bring for the second photoshoot. Less is more.

The old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" may be true, but for me, it took way more than a thousand words to bring me to Stefanie's studio. For me it's not about vanity, or being self-centered, it's about reclaiming some of my power that has been stolen along the way.

Stefanie's photographs are more than simply pictures, they are fully composed pieces of artwork. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift, and I would only recommend Stefanie.

"I was excited and scared to have a photo session with The Pouting Room - 60 and very overweight - with no self-esteem!

What a great surprise it was to walk out of Stef’s studio feeling sexy and confident. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin and able to relax.

I hope you book a session! You deserve it!"


I have been a client at The Pouting Room twice in the past few years, once for a boudoir session that I gifted to my husband and the second session was for my maternity boudoir photos. Both experiences with Stefanie were great!

Stefanie is fun, personable and easy to work with as is her stylist, Angela. I was immediately comfortable when I met with Stefanie for my first session's consultation and during both photo sessions, which made each shoot fun and easy.

The photo reveal is my favorite part of The Pouting Room experience. A couple of weeks after both of my sessions, I went back to Stefanie's studio and she revealed my photos to me for selection and ordering. Each time, I felt empowered, overjoyed and emotional. I couldn't believe that it was me up on that screen.

I highly recommend The Pouting Room for any bridal, boudoir or maternity session and I am so thankful that I chose Stefanie to capture some of the most special moments in my life. These photos are a timeless treasure and I couldn't be happier.


It was without a question that after meeting with Stefanie I was going to chose her as my boudoir photographer. I'm not going to lie, this idea was so far out of my comfort zone, that I wanted to turn around while I was driving to the shoot.

When I arrived, the atmosphere was very chill and fun. I then had my hair and makeup done- absolute perfection! I felt so pampered! I couldn't have felt sexier or more comfortable during the actual shoot. I left feeling so confident and excited and couldn't wait to see the photos.

Stefanie had the proofs ready so fast and I was so impressed. She is a true talent. Very professional. My husband was blown away (as was I) with the finished album. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Pouting Room!


I came across The Pouting Room by chance after considering doing a shoot for a few years now. Each time I searched, I was drawn to the Pouting Room. Stefanie's website was very informative and the pictures were stunning.

I met with Stefanie and was not disappointed. She was profession, warm, and very down to earth. We discussed my reasons for wanting to do a shoot, what I expected and what I should expect from her.

On the day of the shoot, she made me feel right at home, like I was having one of my friends take pictures of me. She gave me tips for poses, encouraged me and really made me feel relaxed.

The experience of this empowering day can only be matched by the end product of the photo album. I had the hardest time picking which pics I wanted because they were all so beautiful. A problem I was happy to have. Stefanie captured the femininity, beauty, elegance and playfulness I had been hoping for.

So yes, I 100% recommend the Pouting Room. An experience you won't soon forget.


Had an amazing experience!! Stefanie was fantastic throughout the entire process! She made me feel super comfortable during my photo shoot.

I had so much fun and still can't believe how amazing my pics turned out to be!! Never in a million years would i have thought i could look so amazing!! Stefanie nailed it for sure!!

Her work is amazing and thanks to her i now feel so much more empowered and dare i say confident! Thanks so much Stefanie!!!



I'm dedicated to healing and empowering women with more confidence through boudoir photography. Please fill out the contact form below with all of your details as well as any questions that you have for me. I'd love to help ensure we're a great fit. I look forward to hearing from you soon.