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woman in cape cod Bay at sunrise wearing a body suit and doing a hair flip for her MA Boudoir photosession

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Boost Your Confidence with Magical Sunrise Photo Sessions!

There’s something undeniably magical about the early hours of the morning, when the world is bathed in the soft, golden light of the rising sun. It’s a time when the world is quiet, and nature awakens with a gentle grace. And it’s also the perfect time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment […]

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happy single woman tourist looking at landmark harbor on summer holiday

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5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence When You’re Single

Being single is an underrated time in everyone’s life. Many people spend their single years wishing they had a partner, feeling envious of engagement announcements, and dodging the relationship status interrogations from nosey family members, all while neglecting the most important relationship of all; the relationship with themselves. If you can’t spend time alone feeling […]

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Beautiful smiling young caucasian woman with long hair standing near mirror, holding powder palette and brush, doing makeup and looking at reflection in bathroom at home.

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3 Ways to Find Beauty in Yourself

In a world where the standards for what a woman should look and dress like change every few years, down to the size of her bust to the length of her skirt, it’s no surprise that many of us feel less than or not good enough in terms of society’s beauty standards. This leaves women […]

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A client testimonial "If Only I had known I was booking a gift for myself."

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If Only I had Known . . .

A Gift For Yourself As a boudoir photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing the beauty and confidence of many clients through my lens. Some women do a session as a gift for their partner. Whether it be for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or just because. What many clients come to realize is that […]

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This was extremely outside my comfort zone

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“This was extremely outside my comfort zone.”

“A boudoir shoot has been something on my radar the past few years, but I never found the time, or courage, to move forward with it. This is extremely outside of my comfort zone so was a bit shocked that I even reached out to Stefanie, but from the moment I met her, I was […]

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Side view of a business woman imagining to be a super hero looking aspired.


How to Be Your Own Cheerleader in Life

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a support system of people who love us and are there for us during our darkest and happiest moments. Some of us are alone with only ourselves to keep us going. Whether by choice or circumstance, being your own cheerleader in life is a daunting task […]

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Lock with gold key and Happiness tag

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Why Saying “I Will be Happy When” is Holding You Back

What does it mean to be happy? Does happiness come from the number on the scale or the approval of others? Is happiness something we must chase down and catch, only to hold onto for a short while, until it slips through our fingers again? The “I’ll be Happy When” Syndrome When was the last […]

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Boudoir Photographer in Boston, MA

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Ideas for Displaying Your Gorgeous Boudoir Photos

Boudoir is a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience that helps you get in touch with your best qualities and see yourself in a new, empowering way. Aside from the experience itself, one of the best things to come out of your boudoir session is your stunning collection of photos! Once you’ve chosen your favorite boudoir photos to […]

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Boudoir Photographers in Boston, MA

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3 Reasons Every Woman Should Do Boudoir Photography

If you’re a woman who has struggled with self-confidence for most of her life—as nearly every one of us has—you’ve likely never considered doing a boudoir photoshoot. You may scroll past photos of other women who have done it and think, Wow, she looks beautiful. I wish I had the courage to do something like […]

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Five Little Daily Habits for Practicing Self-Love

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Five Little Daily Habits for Practicing Self-Love

Finding resources to help you learn to love yourself and recognize your worth is pretty easy. There are plenty of books, TV shows, blogs, and accompanying products to help you transform the way you think about and see yourself—but sometimes the actual process can seem daunting and fruitless. You can’t expect to read a self-help […]

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