Common Myths about Boudoir Photography

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In the modern era, boudoir photography has evolved into a movement championing women’s empowerment, liberation, and independence, but it hasn’t always been seen in this light. There is a growing separation from its origin of sexual intrigue to vulnerability and showing natural beauty. Boudoir photography is continually moving past its historical stigmas, but if you are new to the modern world of boudoir, you might have some questions.

Here are some of the most common myths about the art of boudoir photography! 

I Have to Be Nude

Not at all! You can wear as much or as little as you want. There are no clothing rules when it comes to boudoir. Clothing is based on what the desired look or composition is. Dress up in your favorite cosplay or go a bit vintage with corsets and stockings. Dress however you feel most comfortable and confident!

My Body Needs to Be Perfect           

 Boudoir is for every body, whether petite, curvy, slim, tall, or plentiful, college girls and grandmas, pregnant goddesses, and the tomboy. The whole point of boudoir photography is getting a private glimpse into the real you.

Many women get stuck on their stretch marks, scars, and rolls. The truth is, those things are part of your beauty! Through the camera lens, those stretch marks become tiger stripes, your scars become badges of honor, and your rolls become sensual, sexy, and special.

I Need a Man to Give My Photos To

This is a chance for you to appreciate your femininity with or without a partner. If you want to explore and glamorously document yourself as a strong, powerful, beautiful, fierce woman, a boudoir photoshoot is for you. 

If you’re single, there’s no better time to have a boudoir shoot. Get pampered and appreciate yourself. You don’t need a man in your life for that, and if you need to make it a gift, consider your boudoir shoot a gift you’re giving yourself. 

My Pictures Will End up on the Internet

Client privacy is the topmost priority for any professional boudoir photographer. Should the photographer get some exceptionally gorgeous shots from your session, they may want to display them in their portfolio, in which case they will need your permission, which you don’t have to give unless you want to!

Now that the major myths have been busted, it’s time to plan your boudoir session with The Pouting Room! Contact us at (508)748-0870 to engage in an unforgettable experience that will help you on your journey of self-discovery, self-love & self-worth.

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