Couples Boudoir – Looking to spice up the intimacy in your relationship?

Sexy.  Intimate.  Hot.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a couple who wanted intimate photographs.  It was a birthday gift to his wife.  They were looking to capture the intimacy they feel with each other.  The session was passionate, it was sensual and captured the love they have for each other. 

A couples boudoir session is classy, sexy and tasteful – never pornographic.  I strive to make the experience comfortable and fun.   Encouraging the playfulness between each couple.   There is nothing sexier than capturing the sexual chemistry that you share.

Sometimes it is just the way he looks at you.  How he kisses your forehead.  How you meld into each other under the sheets.  The strength of his arms around you.  How you caress one another. 

I love catching those moments where you can see & feel that spark.  The sexual tension can sometimes be palpable in the room.  Those are the moments, when my clients forget the camera is even there.

The photographic scenarios can range from the simple act of him watching you undress,  to a passionate kiss, you dancing with one another or being intertwined underneath the sheets.  Each session is tailored to your wants and desires in advance.

The breadth of a session varies as much as the couple wants.  It can be romantic, erotic, provocative,  playful.
Make no mistake – you will walk away wanting more of one another. 

It is a wonderful way to celebrate the love you share.


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