Different Ways a Woman Can Express Her Sexuality

It’s easy to hear the word “sexuality,” and immediately think of sex. There’s a lot of association with the term and with sexual activity, sexual orientation, and other physical aspects of sex; but sexuality is so much more than that. It’s an integral part of who you are not just as a human being, but as a woman!

Different Ways a Woman Can Express Her Sexuality

Sex is fun; sex is empowering; sex is an intimate expression of emotion; but sex is not the only way to express your sexuality. Sexual character is not exclusive to your romantic relationship or sexual escapades. It is a core part of who you are and deserves to be asserted as such. Society has always tip-toed around sexuality, especially when it comes to women, but as a woman you are entitled to be true to yourself and your sexual spirit. Don’t be afraid to share it with the world!

Sexuality can be expressed in so many ways through the different facets of everyday life. It’s not something to be ashamed of; it’s something to embrace; another way to identify yourself to the world. Being transparent and making your sexual-self visible is not always easy. In fact, many of you are probably wondering how to do that without some sort of public strip tease!

Here at The Pouting Room, we believe it’s your right as a woman to put forth your sexuality, so we’ve thought of a few good places to start for anyone who might be a little unsure, but ready to express her inner woman!

Sensuality in What You Wear

Style is an excellent outlet for sexual expression! What you wear and how you present yourself to society physically, goes hand in hand with tuning into your sexual-self. Feel sleek and sexy wearing all black? Break out those leggings! Do you like to call attention to yourself with fun, bright colors? Let’s see those yellows and reds! If you’re comfortable and self-assured, there’s no way you won’t be sexy.

Your clothing is the perfect chance to show as much sexuality as you’d like. If you’re feeling confident, embrace the V-necks and form fitting jeans and show us what you’re working with! Maybe you’d prefer to keep a little bit of mystery about yourself, no problem—keep it loose and flowy. Pull out the crop top or pile on those layers, either way is a chance to assert your sexual dominance loud and proud or soft and subtle!

Don’t forget; accessories can be sexy too. Reflect your style with an alluring smoky eye or make those pouty lips pop with a bright red lipstick! Pump up the heels, wear boots up to your knees, or go with a comfy flat—we know that for some people less is more. With all the different jewelry, shoes, makeup, scarves, clothes, hair color, body art/modification, and even bras and underwear available to women, there is no shortage of opportunity to make your style manifest your sexuality!

Expressing Yourself in What You Do

Self-expression and sexual expression go together like wine and cheese. Who you are spiritually and sexually can be one in the same if you want it to be! Do things that make you feel sexy and empowered. Maybe that means mastering a new sonata on the piano or taking a pole-dancing class. Channel your sexual desires at the gym with some weight training, in the studio on a canvas, or in the bedroom with that guy you’ve been seeing. Write, read, or watch erotica; treat yourself to a bubble bath and a face mask!

When you use your sexuality to guide what you do, shame and insecurity are overpowered, and you have the chance to become your most authentic self!

Showing Others Who You Are

The most important part of a woman expressing her sexuality is being comfortable with and staying unapologetically true to who she is; this is what will most convey to the people you interact with that you are a strong, sexual woman. The way you conduct yourself socially is a terrific avenue for establishing your sexuality.

Obviously, this applies to interactions with people who you date or who you’re sexually attracted to; whether you’re openly forward about what you want, coyly flirting, or just trying to genuinely get to know someone. You can play around with (consensual!) touch—brushing your fingers along someone’s arm or pulling them in for a kiss. Body language is powerful. But there are other aspects of your social persona as well that offer opportunities to communicate your sensuality.

Embrace and assert your sexuality in places you feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes a bar or a club makes you feel pressure to act or dress a certain way that doesn’t align with who you want to be; try hanging out at the local coffee house or a low-key pub! If you’re a homebody, invite people over to hangout or see if a friend wants to do something at their place. Being in a comfortable environment is essential in allowing your sexuality to flourish.

Whether you’re just beginning to discover your sexual style or you’re already confident in your sexuality, these are all great places to start showing the world who you are and what you want! If you’re looking for something a little more creative and exciting, book a sexy boudoir session at The Pouting Room today! Here, we’ll celebrate you and your sexuality by capturing moments you can look back on and feel confident about for a lifetime.


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