Embrace Your Super Powers!

I was inspired to become an ambassador for The Pouting Room because of what I believe in and the opportunity to celebrate other women in a way that promotes self love and human kindness.

What Stefanie brings to the table at The Pouting Room very much coincides with my vision of the PEOPLE PROJECT, which is an annual project that I take on, during the month of October. Every October I paint a nude-woman-a-day, LIVE in my studio. The paintings are sold with all proceeds going to towards breast cancer research. During the painting session with my model, we often share a lot about ourselves. The conversation is sacred and authentic. We feel safe but vulnerable, at the same time. Women often share things that they are currently celebrating or have overcome. Often times I hear about struggles that they’re undergoing at the moment, whether it be daily struggles or ongoing issues with body image, domestic abuse, drinking or drug rehabilitation, relationships, or the loss of a loved one. You come to realize that we all have stories and that no one is perfect. 

Young women talk about the current dating scene and finding a man in the era of swipe right or left where older women discuss the changes to their body as they age or bear children. They discuss the search for finding a life partner or the decision to actively choose to be single and why that decision is often judged, rather than accepted as personal choice. Why don’t people ask, “Are you HAPPY?” Instead society inquires, “Do you think he/she’s THE ONE?” Women talk about their bodies post-baby and if they are a GOOD MOM. What is a GOOD MOM, anyways, and who decides? We all do our best, right? What is right for one woman is not right for another, as we are all hard-wired to be different and we should be celebrating our uniqueness and super-powers. 

One thing that I love about being an artist with the ability to paint the human body is that it’s my interpretation of the person that I’m painting in it’s most pure form. Throughout the session I work off a model’s vibration. I paint and react to their energy and stories…off of feelings, and I view their body as a landscape with their curves, celebrating their individual journey, wherever they may be along the road…. 

At The Pouting Room, Stefanie is also there to celebrate every woman’s uniqueness. She wants every woman to feel special, comfortable and unique — owning their very own set of SUPER-POWERS. For this and so many more reasons, I’m honored to be a part of her team and will challenge myself to be as authentic in front of the camera, as I can in these words. Enjoy your journey!

~ Janelle Feigley

The Pouting Room