Guest Article from Spicy Lingerie: Top Lingerie Tips for Boudoir Photo Shoots

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of being a glamorous lingerie model, make your dreams come true with an intimate photo shoot. Not only will you have gorgeous pictures for posterity, but it also gives you a chance to explore your sexy side with a little-added fun and creativity.

With smartphone technology, there is a camera in everybody’s pocket. But when it comes to taking flattering pics, it takes a particular kind of know-how to take your photos to the next level. With a few tips from the pros, get ready to elevate your lingerie photos from average to professional. So, slip on your favorite lingerie and strike a sexy pose!

Wear the Right Lingerie

Professional looking photography is all about evoking emotions, especially when it comes to boudoir photo shoots. Fashion plays a powerful role in feeling confident and sexy, which is why you should choose the best lingerie for your personal style and body type.

Susan Eckert, an expert lingerie photographer and author of Body and Soul: Lucrative and Life-changing Boudoir Photography(Focal Press), recommends that you take the time to discover your sexual persona. What kind of fashion makes you feel sexy and glamorous? If your lingerie style is edgy and provocative, for instance, look for outfits in black, a classic color that gives you a sleek and shapely silhouette. Symbolizing mystery and allure, black also complements any skin tone. For a romantic and demure style, white and beige lingerie in lace and satin makes a delicious confection that adds a soft and feminine look to your photos.

Incorporate Props into Poses

For professional boudoir photographs that you and your partner will always cherish, create a fantasy world with eye-catching accessories that complement your intimate apparel. To play up the romance, use flowers or rose petals as a sexy substitute for lingerie. For Fifty Shades of Greyinspired photos, add a lace mask, silk ribbons, and a whip, the sexy accouterments for bringing out your inner vamp. Another popular pose for boudoir photos is the antique chaise lounge, a common fixture in the lingerie world.

Pose in Flattering Profiles

Distortion is a major contributing factor to unflattering photos, which is why it is important for the subject to be positioned in diagonals, which help minimize and highlight the best angles. For ideas on different poses, look for inspiration on lingerie websites – you’ll find models using their arms and legs to create beautiful and alluring silhouettes in every frame. You can also take a look at some of the unique photos from The Pouting Room’s boudoir portfolioto get more ideas.

When done the right way, photography is truly magical because it speaks to the heart without needing words. This is especially true with lingerie photo shoots.

When you use these pro tips for your next boudoir photoshoot, every photo will tell a story.


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