How to Choose the Right Color for Your Skin Tone

Skin tone colorsWhen you book a boudoir photo shoot, you want to look your best, and that includes choosing lingerie colors that flatter your skin tone. Choose the right color, and you’ll look glowing and radiant. Choose an unflattering hue, however, and you could look tired or washed out.

No idea what color is best for you? Take a look at our handy guide to choosing the right color for your skin tone.

Know thyself

First, you must know what skin tone you have. One way to do it is to look at the veins in your arm. If they look blue or purple, you have cool skin. Warm-skinned ladies’ veins will look greenish. If it’s hard to tell, you probably have a mix of warm and cool tones.

Warm it up

Warm-toned women look fantastic in nature-inspired colors. Think coral, amber, gold, olive and moss. If you prefer neutrals, try taupe, beige, or gray. Avoid harsh whites and blacks as well as jewel tones and icy blues, which can wash you out.

Keep it cool

Cool-skinned girls look great in colors inspired by the sea. Blues and purples in icy or deep tones look great on you, as do soft pinks, bright whites and cool grays. Avoid bright reds and oranges.

Once you’ve picked out some sexy lingerie in a flattering color, it’s time to book a boudoir photo shoot at The Pouting Room. Our boudoir photos will boost your self-confidence and help you see the unique beauty in yourself. Give us a call at 508-603-1163, grab some flattering lingerie and get ready to feel like your sexiest self!

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