Self-Love New Year’s Resolutions

Self-Love TipsAt The Pouting Room, self-love is something we take seriously. For plenty of women, however, self-love is easier said than done, particularly around New Year’s. So many of us make resolutions that are rooted in self-criticism rather than self-love: unrealistic diet and exercise goals, for example. For 2019, resolve to love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself exactly as you are.

Here are a few self-love New Year’s resolutions that we suggest:

This year, my habits will reflect self-love

Instead of resolving to exercise more because you don’t like what you see in the mirror, find an active pursuit you enjoy because you love feeling strong. Don’t resolve to eat healthy foods to drop 20 pounds; eat clean because you deserve to feel energized.

This year, I’ll treat myself as kindly as I treat the people I love

Would you ever criticize your sister or your best friend the way you criticize yourself? In 2019, resolve to treat yourself with the same kindness you extend to others in your life. Don’t hold yourself to impossibly high standards that you’d never expect of anyone else.

This year, I’ll exercise my brain, not just my body

The New Year is the perfect time to boost your confidence by learning a new skill, whether it’s yoga, crocheting or a new language.

This year, I’ll treat myself

Treating yourself could mean going on a solo adventure, whether you take a trip to Thailand or just explore a new neighborhood. It could also mean booking a boudoir photo shoot at The Pouting Room to celebrate your one-of-a-kind beauty. Contact us today and put your self-love New Year’s resolution into practice!

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