How Lingerie Can Make or Break an Outfit

Importance of Lingerie with OutfitsIt’s too often that you find yourself having all of the makings for a new outfit and now have to decide on the lingerie to go with it. This is a pivotal point in the process that can take your look to the next level, or bring it crumbling down. There’s no need to panic though, we have some advice to keep you looking your best on any occasion!

When your clothes hug you a little too much

Self-love is always encouraged, but sometimes your outfit is hugging you too much to wear just any lingerie. When that does happen, you want to be prepared with the right undergarments to keep you comfortable and looking good. Avoid anything with raised patterns or bright colors, which could reveal the texture of your bra or panties. Try going seamless to achieve that soft and smooth silhouette.

Take colors into consideration

It’s essential to make sure that your lingerie is collaborating with your outfit, instead of bringing it down. Incorporating some red lingerie into your ensemble can take it to the next level. Red is seen as luxurious and stylish, adding elegance to any outfit. However, when it comes to wearing white you’re going to want to wear nude lingerie. Sticking with the more neutral tones will keep your outfit shining, without your bra being too shiny through your white top.

Utilize the high waist

Recently, a higher waist has come back into style and it doesn’t stop at jeans and pencil skirts. High-rise panties are proving to be essential in any wardrobe, but only if you use them correctly and of course, to your advantage. You don’t want to wear these panties with bottoms that aren’t high-waisted, but they definitely come in handy when wearing high waist denim!

Follow this lingerie advice and you’ll be ready to rock any outfit! Now that you know the do’s and don’ts, book your boudoir photoshoot with The Pouting Room to show off your lingerie by calling 508-603-1163 today!

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