Boudoir Is Not Pornography

BoudoirThere are many people who immediately reject the idea of a boudoir photo shoot because they feel it is a form of pornography. Unfortunately, this misconception can not only make women who are interested in a boudoir session feel uncomfortable, it also means that those with a closed mind may be missing out on an opportunity to have fun and boost their self-esteem.

So, What Is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is an art form that celebrates women’s bodies and the female form. During a boudoir photo shoot, tasteful shots are taken during an uplifting photography session. While a woman may have many reasons for a boudoir shoot, most choose to book a session to celebrate a milestone or to feel more confident.

What It’s Not

Well, it is definitely NOT pornography. Boudoir photography is not exploitative, demeaning or meant to sexualize.

Boudoir Photography Why Boudoir?

Because women choose to participate in these sessions to create unique, romantic photos to express themselves in an unabashed way. With a professional boudoir photographer, women can embrace their bodies and who they are and appreciate themselves for themselves. For many, it is an opportunity to go outside their comfort zone and – most importantly – have fun.

Boudoir Photographer Where Does “Boudoir” Come From?

Originating in France, a boudoir is defined as a private room – sometimes a bedroom – for a woman to go to get away and “pout.” This pouting room offered a private retreat for women. Much like the original pouting room, The Pouting Room boudoir photography studio in Boston, Massachusetts provides a refuge for women to go, be themselves and create any look they would like.

Unlike pornography, The Pouting Room is about helping women regain a sense of self-love – not create a compulsive urge from their audience. Each session is a judgement-free zone tailored to appreciate all walks of life and how beautiful and strong women are.

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