Giving a Groom the Gift of Boudoir

Boudoir Photography Many brides struggle with a great gift idea for their grooms on their wedding day. You want something personal, unique and thoughtful, but also something he will also truly like. Recently, a hot new trend has popped up on the wedding scene as a tantalizing groom’s gift: Boudoir photography.

During a boudoir wedding photography session, the bride wears her favorite lingerie and the photographer takes elegant, sexy and tasteful pictures. As The Knot notes, this popular idea has been gaining traction because not only is it fun for the groom to receive the gift, the experience is a blast for the bride, too!

Gifts to Give to GroomsAlthough some wedding photographers have begun shooting boudoir, many brides prefer to go to a professional boudoir studio with a photographer who specializes in these types of photos. With a pro, you can expect star-studded treatment and someone who will know how to get you to come out of your shell and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, they will be experts at helping capture you in the right angle, positions and lighting to flatter your features and use your props – high heels, lingerie or even your engagement ring – to your advantage.

After your photographs are ready, you will be able to choose your favorites to put in an album to give to your husband-to-be as a groom’s gift. There are many ways to creatively present the album to your groom. Some brides choose to surprise him during an intimate moment before the big day, while others entrust that duty to their maid of honor, having her give it to the groom in private the morning of the wedding. Another option is to send it via the best man, having him deliver Gifts for Groomsa surprising gift of his bride-to-be looking her most appealing the day of your nuptials. You could even clue your wedding photographer in and have them capture the groom’s reaction when he opens the album!

Trying to decide whether a boudoir photography shoot is right for you? Learn more from Stefanie Lynn, the professional photographer at The Pouting Room, a boudoir and fine art photography studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Her warm personality and inviting studio space will ease your doubts and boost your self-esteem. We’re also happy to announce that The Pouting Room was just named a 2017 award-winner in The Knot’s Best of Weddings – an entirely appropriate award for boudoir wedding photography!

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