Corsets Versus Bustier – What’s the Difference?

Women might feel the differences between corsets and bustiers, but do they actually see them? When wearing a corset or bustier, it’s much easier to feel the differences between the two undergarments. However, if the two were next to each other – worn or unworn – could you actually pick out how each one differs from the other?


Corsets have been around since the 16th century. They are often associated with the Victorian era when they gained popularity amongst women – and men. Corsets are still worn today for similar reasons as they were back then, as well as slightly different reasons in today’s day and age.
Corsets are and always will be undergarments no matter how you wear them or what you wear them under. They are beautiful garments of lingerie that are designed to make the waist look smaller. From the cinched-in waist to the bust, a corset shapes and supports the body, creating a smooth line and appeal, notes Recollections.

Corsets are used for more than just fashion purposes, however. They are also used to reduce natural waist sizes, as well.
It’s important to ensure the corset is worn properly to avoid squishing your lungs and ribs, making it hard to breathe. If worn too tightly, it won’t be a pretty site or a comfortable feeling.


The name itself might give away the intended purpose of this type of lingerie right away. This particular type of undergarment is intended to accentuate women’s curves. Women often wear these for extra support, as they tend to push the breasts up and create more robust cleavage.
To provide more of a boost, if you will, bustiers often have cup-shapes built in to define the bust. Today’s bras are almost an evolution of the bustier, and serve much the same role. Rather than straight lines like corsets have, bustiers have curved lines which were found to be more desirable and highlight the natural shape of a woman’s body better.
No matter what style or color corset or bustier you wear, and no matter the reason, they will always be beautiful pieces of lingerie that will never go out of style. Whether you opt to wear a corset or bustier, or choose more modern and slinky lingerie for your photos, I can capture you at your most beautiful with elegant boudoir photography. Book a session today – whether for a boyfriend’s birthday, as a Father’s Day gift for your husband or just because – by calling 508-603-1163.

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