Bandying ’bout Bras: Underwires, Push Ups and Demi Bras

We’re always talking about finding the “right fit” when it comes to bras, but between the sizing differences from one store to another and the many varieties and styles available, it can be hard to know where to start. We can’t forget that there might be more than one “right fit” – there are lots of different styles of bras and lots of different body styles, and you may be a different size in each style. What matters most is finding something that you love and that makes you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common styles.

Unlined BrasUnlined Bras

You can find unlined bras in just about any shape and style, from demi to underwire to bralettes, notes Adore Me. The thing that sets unlined bras apart is their super thin, but strong and supportive fabric. These bras are lightweight and comfortable, and don’t come with the extra bulk that padded bras sometimes have. Unlined bras pair well with light and airy outfits, or are comfortable for a night in watching movies. Comfort, support and no fuss are the key advantages to the unlined bra.

Pushup BrasPush-Up Bras

The benefits of this bra style may seem pretty obvious, but it’s easy to choose the wrong push-up bra if you don’t know what you’re looking for. For example, there’s a common misconception that the more padding, the more “up” your bust will be pushed. Yes, padding is important, but a comfortable and sturdy support system – bands and straps – is just as vital. With the right push-up, you can add as much as two extra cup sizes, giving you the extra appeal you want for a big date or an anniversary dinner with your partner.

Full Coverage BrasFull Coverage Bras

Full coverage bras are a great choice for the busty and curvy woman, but they don’t have to be as boring as their name. For women with full figures or a bigger breast size, full coverage bras might be the most comfortable choice. “Full coverage” basically refers to the cup shape – there’s a bit more coverage than with other bra types, and feature a more sturdy underwire and fabric that offers more stretch and support than a demi bra. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be super sexy, and many full coverage bras are great at holding, shaping and supporting all your curves perfectly.

Demi BrasDemi Cup

A demi cup bra is one of the most popular styles for lingerie, as it only covers about half of the bust, leaving a low cut along the whole cup as opposed to the plunge bra, which is only low cut in the center. Demi cups tend to have the same general shape as push-up bras, but without the extra padding, which ensures a more subtle and natural look to the bust. If you’re looking for a super sexy cut that looks just as good under a T-shirt as your little black dress, a demi is right for you.

Whatever your style, it’s important, too, to have a good fitting. Many lingerie shops offer professionals who can help take your measurements and match you with a bra that best suits your body, as everyone is different and has different needs – not to mention different ways to look their most beautiful.

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