Dressing Up to Dress Down: Hair and Makeup for Boudoir

Are you thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot with a photographer at some point in the near future? There are many people out there who are nervous about the idea of doing a boudoir shoot, but the truth is that when you are brave enough to do one, the results will be amazing! You won’t believe how great you look when you have your photo taken by a professional boudoir photographer. Whether you are having the photos taken for your significant other or simply for yourself, the process can be extremely rewarding for those who go through with it.

Boudoir ShootBefore you take part in a boudoir photo shoot, though, there are a few other appointments that you should make first to make sure that you look your best in your photos. We’re not talking about shopping for some great lingerie – though that’s definitely one factor – we’re talking about your hair and makeup!

A big part of the experience at The Pouting Room is you’ll work with a professional stylist to help you make sure that your hair and makeup look their best. For the hair, your stylist can help you style it in a way that flows and bounces so that it looks amazing through the lens of the camera. He or she can also help you with making sure your eyelashes and eyebrows truly pop as well.

Makeup is another important consideration, and while you do your own every day, it helps to have a professional’s assistance before having photos taken. The truth is that you’ll want to apply makeup a bit heavier than you would in normal circumstances so that the camera picks up the details. A normal level of makeup will tend to look washed out on film, and many women who attempt to apply extra makeup on their own can end up applying it improperly. Contouring and highlighting makes a huge difference when applied correctly.  Trust the expertise of a professional to help primp and pamper you before you start your photo shoot to capture all of your beauty on camera.

If you are thinking about taking part in a boudoir photo shoot, you’ll of course need a professional photographer, and there’s no place better than The Pouting Room in Upton, Massachusetts. We offer boudoir and fine art photography and can help you throughout the process and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Learn more about planning a boudoir photo session online or call 508-603-1163 today and schedule a private appointment to learn more and discuss any questions you have.


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