Finding Confidence with Photography

The reason I choose to work in boudoir photography is to help women feel empowered. Boudoir photography isn’t about sex; it is about helping women feel attractive, powerful and confident. You deserve to feel great. You deserve to feel relaxed and pampered.

Finding Confidence in PhotographyAs women, we are conditioned from a young age that there will always be something wrong with our appearance. “She’s too tall, she’s too short, she could stand to lose a couple of pounds, she’s too skinny, she needs to put on makeup, she wears too much makeup.” This kind of conditioning leads to low self-confidence. I believe that every woman should feel beautiful, no matter what she wears, what her body type is or what kind of makeup she wears, because every woman is beautiful.

Gaining Self-Confidence Through PhotosParticipating in a boudoir photography session can be a bit nerve racking at first, but I will ensure that you will feel comfortable and relaxed. No matter what your size, your perceived flaws, your worries or your hesitation, you deserve to feel special and I work with you throughout the process to make sure that your session is catered to each client’s comfort zone.

Maybe you lost weight or just had a baby. Maybe you’re newly single. Whatever your situation, celebrate this moment in your life and embrace every curve that you have. You are a warrior and you should learn to love the skin you’re in. Life is short. You should want to celebrate how you look now, in this moment, so you can reflect on your memories. Every part of life is a journey and you should want to document it. Don’t make excuses that you’ll lose more weight or that you need a significant other to do a boudoir photo shoot – you’re perfect just the way you are!

Finding Your Best Self in PicturesA boudoir photo shoot is also a great excuse to go shopping for lingerie or any other accessories – and who doesn’t love shopping for new clothes? You can keep these items and use them whenever you wish. Your photography session is wholly your own, and not a cookie cutter experience. You can relax, feel pampered and enjoy the moment. Getting dolled up feels great, and a boudoir photo shoot helps you discover just what your real assets are – not just your pretty eyes or your great smile. I work to highlight your natural beauty and charm, and you’ll see it too in every photo.

Feeling Your Most Attractive with Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir photography also makes a great gift. Yes, your significant other may like it, but it’s a great gift for yourself, too. You deserve to be pampered and to feel beautiful. One of the best parts of my job is to see women viewing and appreciating themselves and their beauty through my lens.  Boudoir photography is about self-expression, and being able to loosen up and express yourself through art is a great gift. Let me help you get there.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of my clients’ testimonials here or read one of my client’s stories in this blog.

If you have any questions or concerns about boudoir photography, or want to learn more about booking a session, give me a call today at 508-603-1163!

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