Four Themes to Try at Your Next Boudoir Session

Photography is an incredible art and powerful way to capture the raw, authentic aspects of a space, object, animal, or person. The reason we love boudoir photography so much at our studio is that it’s an art specifically designed to celebrate your vivacious sexuality and sensitive sensual side at the same time!

There’s a lot of room to play around during any personal photo shoot, but especially for a boudoir session. A boudoir shoot is a chance to express yourself in a vulnerable way that is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what you want the atmosphere to be like and what theme you want to embrace with your photos. Check out these ideas to get you started!

Boudoir Photography in Boston, M.A.

1.) Outdoorsy

If you don’t feel complete until you breathe in that fresh outdoor air and bask in the rays of the sun, let that translate to your boudoir photos. There are a number of different settings you can go with for a nature theme—country, garden, woodlands, mountains, and so many more!

Bare your hippy soul with a few strategically placed flowers and long, flowy hair in the natural light. Or, opt for a “garden of Eden” vibe with a chic crown of deep green leaves and some sexy body paint.

2.) Rebellious

Let your inner bad girl dominate your boudoir session by embracing all things dark, rebellious, and mysterious! Put on some lacy black lingerie, or a tastefully studded corset with some sexy fishnets or thigh-high leather booths.

Get creative with your props too and play up the theme. Place a skull in the background or seductively sip on a bottle of whisky. You can even put on a pair of stilettos and kick them up on a motorcycle if you’re feeling adventurous!

3.) Glam

Do you only like leaving the house with a full face of makeup and a trendy outfit to match? Take the opportunity to show off your style with a boudoir shoot fit for a classic diva! Strike fierce poses in the studio lighting and use the spotlight to accentuate your gorgeous features.

Model some high-profile or lively lingerie—something red and lacy or with animal print! Pair it with a vibrant lip and a set of power heels to really make a statement.

4.) Cozy

If you feel most comfortable in a pair of sweatpants just chilling on the couch, bring that warm and intimate energy to your boudoir photo shoot. Go with a natural look with subtle makeup and few accessories—or none at all!

Instead of lingerie, you can don a soft sweater and cute pair of underwear or your significant other’s favorite shirt. Or, go completely natural with your birthday suit! Lounge seductively on a couch or bed to create photos that are both inviting and coy, representing your sensual and modest attributes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding on a theme for your boudoir photo shoot is to stay true to who you are and what makes you feel beautiful! Here at The Pouting Room, our goal is to help you embody your most pure and captivating self so we can capture that essence for you to treasure forever.

Contact us today to schedule your boudoir session and commemorate all of the amazing qualities that make you, you!

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