How I Stepped Out of my Comfort Zone

I had recently met some ladies through a local photographer – whom had messaged me about applying for a Brand Ambassadorship with The Pouting Room. I was VERY leary on even applying – SO MANY thoughts – mostly DOUBTS ran through my mind. “Was I someone that would photograph well?” “Is my body shape too odd?” “I don’t have curves in all the right places for boudoir..” “I’m NOT a sultry person,,” 

BUT – I applied! 

And after nearly a half hour of working my way through the application – and finding photos of myself to attach to it … My cell phone … CRASHED and the WHOLE application was lost! To which I thought .. Well .. there’s your SIGN! It’s NOT meant to happen! 

The enrollment application time came and went – THEN – I got ANOTHER message from one of the ladies I had met! She said – the application deadline was EXTENDED! She had asked – if I already applied! I explained what happened – and well – I thought – I guess I should TRY AGAIN! And I did! On my desktop THIS time!

Would you know … I CRIED! Literally CRIED! When I received an email from Stefanie saying that I – yes – I was chosen! I had to PINCH myself! But – NOW – I REALLY needed to “step it up!” From the first meeting with Stefanie – to our first Brand Ambassador Shoot – I was a Ball of Nerves! What would the other ladies look like? What kind of personalities would they have? Would we all get along? Would they think negatively of me?

From Day 1 of our first shoot – I would have to say – there isn’t a better group of ladies that I wouldn’t mind getting in my skivvies with to take pictures!!!

The NEXT experience was our PERSONAL Boudoir Photoshoot! I think this was the MOST nerve wracking of all – WHO was I going to be sarcastic with?! WHO would I look to when I feel like I am going to LOSE it?! Thank you to Stefanie and Becca – they were such TEAM players with my AWFUL sarcasm! But – the REVEAL – this day was TERRIFYING! Would I notice EVERY spot of cellulite? Would I only see my stretch marks? Would my eyes go darting for my discolored skin? My uneven body?

Instead – I was BESIDE myself – I looked BEAUTIFUL! And of all my LAUGHTER during the session – Created some AMAZING shots of my SMILE! Who Knew a SMILE could look great in a boudoir photo?!

Each session that followed – was met with so much anticipation to see the other ladies and the magic we could create together! From wings to body paint – to dancing in a graveyard – each session is a memory that I will forever hold on to!

This experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity – that I am SO glad I got to experience. 

~ Laurie

The Pouting Room