Picking the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body TypeRegardless of your body type, many women dread shopping for a bathing suit. (That’s right ladies, we’re in it together!) With temperatures starting to warm up, many of us will soon be hitting the mall for a swimsuit that we can feel confident in while soaking up the summer sun.

Unfortunately, seeing our bare bodies after a winter of sweaters and sweatpants in the florescent, and particularly unflattering, light of a dressing room can be discouraging. However, we all deserve the right to wear a bathing suit that we feel good in and trust us, the best suit for you is out there!

The Pouting Room has some tips and tricks that will help making swimsuit shopping a breeze.

Tip One: Confidence is Key

The first rule of bathing suit shopping is not settling for a suit that you’d consider “good enough.” If you don’t feel confident in the bathing suit in the dressing room, you will certainly not feel confident on a public beach in it. It is important to love your body and in order to do so, you should wear clothes, bathing suits included, that make you feel good in your own skin. Make sure that the suit you’re purchasing makes you feel good. You should not choose a bathing suit based off of the style you think you’re expected to wear, you should choose the bathing suit style that you feel your absolute best in.

Tip Two: Get Comfortable

Before you step foot in the dressing room, do what you need to make yourself comfortable going into it. Start with a healthy breakfast or a morning workout to get yourself feeling good about your body. Do something before your shopping trip that always makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, whether that’s treating yourself to a facial or a long bubble bath. If you have a friend that you can rely on to provide constructive criticism, bring them with you to help you feel more comfortable. Sometimes it’s great to have a friend with you that can help you laugh at the worst suits and support you in the best! Focus on bringing several different types of suits with you into the dressing room as well, to help narrow down what you feel comfortable in.

Tip Three: Understand Suit Shapes

You’ve probably read up on articles that help you identify your body shape and what might work best for you. We all have different bodies, from our chest size to the width of our shoulders. All clothes, swimsuits in particular, fit all women differently.  It is important to shop for the suit that might best fit your body type, but don’t just shop for your pear shape or your hourglass shape, shop for yourself.

What do you love about you?

If you have strong, athletic shoulders that you love showing off, go for a patterned tankini that will draw attention to your shoulders and back instead of your mid-section.

If you put in a lot of hPicking the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body Typeard work this winter to get a body that you’re proud of, go with a two piece suit that will show of your assets, you earned them.

If you have a large bust that you love showing off, consider going with a demi cup which will provide support with a built-in underwire. A helpful hint for my busty ladies: focus on finding swimsuits that are sized like bras for a more accurate fit. (Small, medium, and large sizes will only get you so far!)

What do you struggle to love?

The reality is that even the most confident women still have insecurities, and that’s OK.

It is important to purchase a suit that will help you feel good, and if are not comfortable showing certain parts of your body, it is okay to choose a suit that reflects those preferences.

For ladies who aren’t thrilled at the thought of showing off their mid-section but would still prefer a two piece, a high-waist bottom will help you feel more both cute and covered.

If you are tired of your breasts being the center of attention, refrain from purchasing halter top bathing suits. Instead, go for a bra-shaped bikini top that will hold you in.

If you feel insecure about the length of your legs, choose bottoms that are cut high into the hip which can make your legs look longer.

Tip Four: Know the FactsPicking the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

We are shining some light onto common swimsuit myths, so listen up! You’ve probably heard that fabric equals coverage, which isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, bathing suits with tons of coverage can end up emphasizing what you’re trying to avoid. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin; you’ll thank us later.

If you’re hoping for a suit that is sliming, you don’t need to avoid stripes at all costs. We are constantly told that stripes aren’t flattering but they can be slimming if they are vertical or fall angled.

Tip Five: Enjoy Yourself

It might be hard in the swimsuit section, (we’ve all been there) but remember to enjoy yourself when you’re shopping. It’s almost summer and trips to the beach, coconut cocktails, warm weather, and vacations are on the horizon.  There are so many reasons to celebrate! We know that it can be stressful to pick out a swimsuit, but you are strong, you are sexy, and you are beautiful. Please, don’t let a mere piece of fabric make you question your self-worth.

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