Brands That Support All Women As They Are

Brands That Support All Women As They AreMany women are growing tired of magazines, advertisements, and otherwise portraying unachievable body images as a “must have.” Women come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, the positive side of that is rarely reflected in the media.

Luckily, many different brands have committed to celebrating the natural beauty of women regardless of age, shape, size and backgrounds.


Modcloth, an online retailer is known for cute, vintage-like silhouettes – an aesthetic we love. You can often easily identify advertisements from Modcloth because the women vary in size and shape, something we now rarely see. The swimwear company pledged in 2014, to no longer Photoshop their models. With sizes up to 30 and a brand statement that “fashion is for every body,” what’s not to love?


American Eagle’s lingerie brand, Aerie, makes wearable, comfortable bedroom attire, and they’re committed to showing their models without airbrushing. Their 2014 “Aerie Real” campaign showed models with tattoos, freckles, birthmarks, scars and other so-called “flaws” that would have been removed in mainstream ads.


Dove is a brand that is mostly beauty focused, selling products from shampoo to lotions. Dove is one brand that has been using women of all shapes and sizes in their ad campaigns for several years, starting as early as 2004. Any woman can identify with the women pictured in Dove ads, who accurately represent the beautiful women you know and love.

Seventeen Magazine

A whopping 78% of 17-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies, and it is rumored that unrealistic magazine and advertisement images are to blame. After a 14-year-old reader of Seventeen Magazine started a petition that garnered over 84,000 signatures, the magazine pledge to stop digitally altering its models faces and bodies.

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