What to Wear During a Boudoir Session if You Aren’t a Fan of Lingerie

We get it – not every woman loves wearing lingerie. But if lace teddies and push-up bras aren’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t pose for a boudoir session! There are plenty of other attire options if lingerie isn’t your thing.What to Wear During a Boudoir Session

A soft sweater

An oversized but shape-hugging sweater is a great way to show off your curves while still leaving something to the imagination. Pull it seductively off one shoulder, let a bit of lacy bra poke out or go braless to let your natural shape show through. Try soft, luxurious materials like cashmere.

A robe

Robes are a great way to get that boudoir feel without showing more skin than you’d like. A floor length robe in silk, satin or lace is a great choice, as is a shorter robe paired with sky-high heels.

Your partner’s clothing

His heart will race when he sees seductive photos of you wearing one of his button-downs, blazers or favorite team apparel.

Everyday outfits

You know that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you wear it? Wear that! A boudoir photo shoot is all about inspiring confidence, so you should wear whatever makes you feel great.

No matter what you feel sexiest wearing, a boudoir photo shoot at the Pouting Room will put you in your best light. Our boudoir photos make great gifts for that special someone – including yourself! There’s nothing like the boost of confidence that comes from one of our seductive shoots. Call us at 508-603-1163, put on your favorite outfit and get ready to feel more stunning than ever before!

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