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How to Have a Natural Light Lingerie Photoshoot? In a photoshoot, natural light plays an impactful role to get a desirable picture. Here, natural light means light created by sunlight or any ambient light source. For shooting in natural light, one has to observe how the light changes shades throughout the day and affect a […]

How To Have A Natural Light Lingerie Photoshoot

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Lingerie Trends
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Need some inspiration for what to wear to your autumn boudoir shoot at the Pouting Room? Check out fall’s hottest lingerie trends: Graphic lace Lace lingerie is always in style. For a fall 2018 twist, pick pieces in bold colors and graphic, rather than floral, prints. Think jewel tones and geometric patterns. Animal prints Animal […]

Fall in Love with These Fall Lingerie Trends

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What to Wear During a Boudoir Session
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We get it – not every woman loves wearing lingerie. But if lace teddies and push-up bras aren’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t pose for a boudoir session! There are plenty of other attire options if lingerie isn’t your thing. A soft sweater An oversized but shape-hugging sweater is a great way to […]

What to Wear During a Boudoir Session if You Aren’t a Fan of Lingerie

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Dating Tips
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Summer temperatures are settling in across the country, Boston included. While all of us would prefer to show up to an evening happy hour looking slightly windswept with pink-blushed cheeks, we’ll likely start showing up with a sweat-soaked shirt and hair that’s slowly expanding. Dating is tough, and dating in summer months while still looking […]

Staying Cool and Sexy on Summer Dates

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I recently had a boudoir client who sought out a photo session as a step to better self acceptance. Since so many women struggle with body issues and low self esteem I asked if she’d share her experience with my readers.  This is her story. “Throughout my entire childhood as well as my adult life, […]

A Clients Journey to Self Acceptance – In Her Own Words

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