Who does Boudoir and why?

“Oh my god!  I could Never, would Never be able to do a boudoir photography session!”  But you’d be surprised.

I’m often asked who is my typical boudoir client?  The simple answer is that there isn’t one.

My clients run the gamut whether it be age, body type or personality.   I’ve had clients as young as 21 to as mature as 62!   Clients that are full figured and clients that aren’t that curvaceous at all.  Clients that are apprehensive, shy and nervous and clients who ooze confidence, although the majority fall in the former category.

Many do it as a gift for their partner, whether it be as a groom’s gift, anniversary or birthday present.  More and more women however, come and relish in the experience just for themselves.  Some as a confidence booster, others for self acceptance and many so they can look back in 5, 10 or 20 years and say “Damn I looked good!”

None are supermodels.  None are perfect.  All have flaws and things they are self-conscious about.  But when the session is over and they say “wow, I’m so glad I did this!” It is music to my ears and is what inspires me to provide this feel-good experience to every woman.

So what are you waiting for?



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