Why I am Passionate About Boudoir Photography!

StefI’m often asked, “How did you get into Boudoir Photography?”  It is a great question as it’s a very niche specialty.  I actually branched into boudoir from my maternity photography.  I believe a woman’s body is amazing, especially when pregnant.  My maternity clients would leave their sessions feeling beautiful and confident.  Which, lets face it, you don’t always feel when you are in your third trimester!

So I started thinking, why not provide this experience for all women?  We all deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and confident!  We should celebrate our beauty & strength.  Society puts so much pressure on women to be “perfect” and tries to hold us up to standards that are completely unobtainable – unless you are a supermodel.  It can be disheartening.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than watching a woman come into her own during a boudoir session.  Really being able to let go and tap into that sensual side.  I pride myself on building trust, communication and really being able to put my clients at ease in front of the camera.  This enables me to capture the best version of you through lighting, posing and most importantly your confident attitude!

My goal is to have you relish your boudoir experience and be empowered by it!  That is what I believe is the most important take away.  Yes, you will have fabulous images and an album to give to your lover, spouse or yourself – but the real gift is for yourself.  Appreciating yourself, flaws and all, and truly feeling beautiful!


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